What is Elder Law?

Explained by an Estate Planning Lawyer

Photo of a mother daughter bondingElder law is a term that applies to multiple legal issues for older adults and their families. Estate planning attorney Michelle Lanchester has been helping clients with elder law issues for 25 years. It is crucial for families to address wills, trusts and life care plans before the mental and physical health of an elderly relative declines. Working with an estate planning lawyer who handles elder law allows individuals and families to cover three important areas of life that can cause major estate planning problems later on if unaddressed.

Help With Your Finances

How can estate planning help with finances if you become ill or incapacitated? Creating a financial power of attorney will authorize a loved one of your choice to act on your behalf regarding money matters. Addressing financial power of attorney as early as possible helps families avoid stressful and expensive guardianship proceedings. Without a financial power of attorney, a judge could appoint a person to control your assets if you become incapacitated.

Help With Your Health Care

In addition to life care plan concerns regarding finances, you may also need to appoint someone to make decisions regarding health care issues. A power of attorney for health care grants a trusted individual the authority to make health care decisions on your behalf if you are unable. If you do not have a power of attorney for health care in place and you become incapacitated, your family may struggle to make important decisions on your behalf. Such decisions may include assisted living care, resuscitation orders, end of life instructions, choice of health care providers and treatment options.

Help With Your Property

Wills and trusts are two instruments of estate planning that will ensure your property and assets go to your chosen beneficiaries. Without a will or trust, state law decides to whom your property will go, regardless of your wishes.

Washington DC estate planning attorney Michelle Lanchester provides personalized care to help clients with elder law issues. She will take the time to answer all your questions and develop solutions that fit your specific needs. Leave a legacy of love. Contact her now to take control of your future.

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