Why You Need Washington DC Estate Planning Attorney Michelle Lanchester

Picture of elderly coupleIf you are wondering how to write a will, have questions about the probate process, want to understand the difference between trusts & wills, want to know how estate planning can assist you in charitable giving, need to know how to set up power of attorney or if you are just overwhelmed with estate planning options, you need to an attorney. Although you can find forms and “do it yourself” assistance in great abundance online, trying to create an estate plan without experienced legal counsel can cause serious problems.

Why Do You Need an Estate Planning Lawyer?

Using an online service or even filling out forms from an estate planning kit you buy at the bookstore may seem tempting to avoid the expense of an attorney. However, bear in mind that these online self-help services, kits and forms have the following disadvantages:

  • The forms are not tailored to your unique situation; you may run into something peculiar as you move along without even realizing it – if the form does not provide for it, how will you know to deal with it?
  • The forms and services offer no assistance if you have questions or concerns; only an attorney can give legal advice to consumers, and if there is no attorney, your questions will go unanswered.

The legacy you leave behind to your loved ones is deserving of quality, customized care rather than generic forms and inexperienced advice from non-attorneys. Mistakes in estate planning can be costly, both financially and emotionally. You would not work on your own car if it had a serious mechanical problem; why risk the future of your finances and assets?

Why You Need an Attorney Experienced in Estate Planning

Once you do decide to hire an attorney for your estate plan, make sure you find a lawyer with experience in estate planning. Estate planning laws are like a completely new language – unless your attorney has estate planning experience, the laws will seem foreign, and he or she may apply them wrong inadvertently. Attorneys spend years building their skills in focused areas of the law to provide the best possible service to their clients; do not trust your estate plan to an attorney not well versed in estate planning laws.

Why You Should Contact Maryland and Washington DC Estate Planning Attorney Michelle Lanchester

Michelle Lanchester has over 25 years of experience helping clients create a legacy of love for their families. Attorney Lanchester has devoted nearly her entire legal career to estate planning, and she has a thorough knowledge of estate planning laws and their application in the Washington DC Metro area. If you are considering doing your own estate plan, please contact Attorney Lanchester today first for a consultation.

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